How To Find The Best Industrial Disease Solicitor

Using an Industrial Disease Solicitor

Industrial disease solicitors are a specialised variant of personal injury lawyers, dealing mostly with the injuries and illnesses which can arise from employment. Due to the frequently complex nature of proving causation in this sector of the law, it is even more important than usual to seek professional representation, and to make sure that your lawyer is an expert.

Find An Accredited Solicitor

Fortunately, the Law Society of England and Wales keeps an up to date list of solicitors to whom it has granted accredited status in personal injury practice. Any lawyer on this list has proven expertise in the area of personal injury, and it is possible to search within it for those solicitors who have specialised practices in the areas of occupational injury and industrial disease. Choosing a firm of solicitors who have at least one lawyer accredited by the Law Society is the first step towards ensuring that you will receive quality representation.

Seek Out Recommendations

Whilst expertise in the law is very important, you will also want to be sure that your solicitor is approachable, easy to deal with, and has enough time to give your claim the attention it deserves. By far the best way of establishing this is to ask for recommendations from friends, family and colleagues. Whilst it is to be hoped that no one close to you will have had to make an industrial disease claim, they may well have had dealings with firms of solicitors in other areas of their life. Many large firms have a number of different departments, so even if a firm has been recommended to you on the strength of their real estate or divorce practices, it will be worth checking if they also have expertise in the area of personal injury.

Who Will Deal With Your Claim?

Even if you have found a firm of industrial disease solicitors who are both expert in the law and have a good reputation for customer service, you will still need to establish who will be dealing with your claim. It is no good expecting that significant legal expertise will be available to you if the only solicitor with personal injury experience is in fact a partner who no longer deals with cases. Make sure that you find out who will be your main point of contact before you sign a contract, and that you are happy with their level of competence. Remember, this is an important decision, and it is worth taking the time to get it right. Similarly, you should ask about the firm’s relationships with medical experts and barristers. You will often need an expert’s report if your claim is to be properly evidenced, and you should ensure that your solicitor uses a reputable medical professional. Similarly, if your case goes to court it is likely that a barrister (or ‘counsel’) will be retained to represent you. Make sure that your solicitor has a good working relationship with a barrister who has significant experience in the area.

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